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Not just a world traveling French Hornist, but as a former provider of music contracting, artist management and production services, Tawnee Lynn Music (TLM) has collaborated with musicians as partners, and advocated for fair pay, longevity and sustainability in the industry for several years all throughout California.


Along with Tawnee Lynn's private lessons services offered and music convention experience, she has become somewhat of a customer success consultant and also has began selling trusted animal products on the site to cater to animal lovers. This makes for one creative portfolio. As newly appointed Exhibits Coordinator for the International Horn Society's 53rd International Symposium for an organization I have been a member of for over 20 years is a journey I am currently embarking upon on and I look forward to seeing you along the way!

TLM Founder Tawnee Lynn Lillo is a versatile French horn player in styles ranging from classical, jazz, big band, to rock 'n roll, pop, hip-hop, and experimental. She has performed on live television, recorded for film and television soundtracks, sat in many orchestras, musical theater and opera pits, and has toured all of North America and Europe. Tawnee has also traveled the globe to destinations such as Havana, Cuba and Pitlochry, Scotland with Dreamcatcher Events as assistant to the director.


Although the world was in a stand still in 2020, the year proved to be quite eventful. Tawnee Lynn Music started out the year strong with the opportunity to perform the Kanye West Opera in New York. Then, headed right back to Los Angeles to hire 22 musicians for the impeccable artist, Ariana Grande herself at the 2020 62nd Grammy Awards. 

Just after getting back from performing with Orchestra Novo in San Luis Obispo, before starting 2 different musical runs, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Now, TLM became Tawnee at home in her small space with her dog Booker who was recovering from a knee surgery in June of 2019 and her boyfriend Noah on weekends.  
Teaching all became online and all gigs were put to a halt.  Determined to "stay in shape" on the instrument, I began recording 4 part harmonies, all different arrangements and playing around with some different recording apps.  This turned into deciding YouTube would be a good place to grow a community from all around the world who love music and want to know more about all of the incredible artists there are and events we perform here in Los Angeles.  Although it has been and still is quite a learning curve, I ended up making some playlists as an attempt to reach out to the world and offer a hand wherever I could.  As a complimentary way to give back to the universe a bit of my knowledge and experience.


These playlists include: 

Featured Artists ~  29 Now playing Play all 

Music Education ~ 30 Now playing Play all 

Music Industry ~ 32 Now playing Play all

Booker, the Singing Dog ~ 7 Now playing Play all 

Triple Play Trio ~ 8 Now playing Play all

The Unnamed Online Horn Project ~ 6 Now playing Play all

Just Be: Tea Time with Tawnee ~ 10 Now playing Play all  
Movie Music ~ 16 Now playing Play all  

International Music ~ 8 Now playing Play all

I was also honored to be part of raising over 7 million dollars for the Covid-19 Relief Fund by remote recording, coordinating some musicians and collaborating with 170 artists/musicians all over the world.

With the Unnamed Online French Horn Project, I participated in 8 remote recording videos.
The wonderful Evan James edited all of them.

A new trio was also formed with colleagues and dear friends, Steve Huber and Shelby Huber, Triple Play. We really look forward to performing live for you all in the future, but for now here is a playlist we have started and really hope you enjoy.

Along with other remote recording projects whether it was recording a baseball fanfare or for a demo record, I was making it work.  

During this time, we also decided to head to Montana for an outdoor camping adventure in July and to get out of town.  My dog child Booker who will be 9 just in time for another St. Patricks Day on March 13th suddenly suffered a 2nd knee injury now in the right knee.

This trip very much changed the course of our lives overnight!  Booker is what I'd like to think of as a "magic" dog.  He is such a happy soul, so resilient, strong, docile and has such an incredible demeanor. Plus he loves to sing when I play my horn.  I was determined to figure out a way to heel him without having to put him through another surgery (it was quite traumatic and a very long recovery period).  After continuous research mixed with my own intuition, I decided to purchase a few products which have proven to be LIFE CHANGING for Booker.  I would like to share the links for these products with you. If you choose to purchase any of these three items for you or your animal, you will indefinitely be helping your pet, yourself and also the music industry as a whole.