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About the artists


Shelby Huber, Clarinet 

Steve Huber, Violin

Tawnee Lynn Lillo, Horn

Coming together to form a professional Music Ensemble back in 2020, Triple Play is a musical trio who perform original compositions and arrangements for all to enjoy.  This ensemble has a unique grouping of instrumentation, all arranged by Steve Huber which create an original sound not usually heard in this context.  All musicians in the trio are also multi-instrumentalists in all styles as well as educators, an adjunct professor, orchestra manager, and/or an arranger. Triple Play is great for special events, Chamber music series, at concert venues or as an ensemble of musicians to join a tour!


Triple Play, a family of artists who inspire all people around the world to be proud of who they are, love what they choose to do and learn to make good decisions throughout life and beyond which lead the world to better sustainability and longevity through there passion for music.

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