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Tawnee Lynn Music TLM encompasses connecting all the dots in the industry. We have assembled ensembles and worked closely with high-profile artists for everything from small weddings to a national concert tour, immersive music camps as well as coordinated orchestras for international artists and major performance venues.  We aim to put as many top-notch performers to work as frequently as possible.  If you need musicians, singers, or dancers, we will work with you to make it happen within your budget.  We can fill the most important moments of your life with beautiful music and carefully selected musicians to fit your event.  Our goal at TLM is to be able to hire groups that come together to put on high-quality performances and to have a great time doing it! We work with nonprofits by collecting instruments, materials, equipment, contributions and also offer teaching, coaching and masterclasses to well deserving schools and students. Today and everyday, we are creating music and the musicians of tomorrow! 


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TLM Philosophy:


We aim not only to assure every performer is paid appropriately for their talent for a given production, but also to create a wholesome experience for both the artists and everyone involved in the project.  We combine both art and craft to create a working family so it is not just a "gig" but an experience. While this may seem to be of interest mainly to the musicians, it can become important quickly to a presenter/promoter/composer/conductor.


Talking to and knowing the people involved well in advance is of the utmost importance and makes for a much more pleasant experience. With TLM, you get a lot more than a rolodex. You get an artistic director, event coordinator, and a project manager.  


What you can expect from our services:

We will always consider the needs of the client, cooperating and collaborating as a partner.  Our process depends on the needs and requests of the client first and foremost.  Whatever you are looking for (solo instrumentalist, singers, chamber ensemble, full orchestra, big band), we will customize the experience so it is a pleasant and fulfilling experience.  There is no better feeling than providing work to deserving artists with a professional and positive attitude and those are the only artists TLM hires.  



Tawnee Lynn Lillo

Founder and CEO of Tawnee Lynn Music


Photography by Jeff Ragazzo

Founder and CEO of Tawnee Lynn Music 


Internationally accomplished performing artist with a music services business has recently taken the next logical step in her career and is now representing select artists. She is also currently embarking in learning a new skill including DJ'ing.

Lillo’s precise ability to hire professional orchestras and to deliver high profile clients has earmarked her among the finest of modern day music business entrepreneurs. By demand, Tawnee Lynn Music Services is working to expand the reach of the music industry, allowing for more creative and streamlined opportunities for professional musicians. In addition to being prominent in the music industry, Lillo’s extraordinary business skill has brought her many other business ventures, such as selling trusted animal products to animal lovers like her.  

Lillo received her education and training from the University of Arizona, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in horn performance. Additional studies in horn performance earned her a Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California.


Lillo has advanced studies from impeccable artists such as Richard Todd and Vincent DeRosa and her career as a horn player has brought her opportunities recording for film and television. Having studied and developed skills in all styles of music, Lillo has not been contained within genres such as classical, jazz, classic rock, electronic & improvisation. 


Tawnee Lynn Lillo is the adjunct professor of horn at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California and El Camino College in Torrance, California.  She also does coaching for Pasadena Youth Philharmonic Society in Pasadena, California and Olympia Youth Philharmonic in San Gabriel, California.

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