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TLM specializes in coordinating live performances. We work with venues of various sizes and provide the highest quality performers to produce a fantastic show in all genres.

Video Recording

Do you need performers for a music video that you or your band is producing? Whether you need sideliners or musicians to record on camera, TLM will find the perfect people to complement your project.


Offerings lessons at all levels. TLM engages a wide variety of teaching styles to create a welcoming learning environment that encourages students to grow. TLM lessons also include a unique insight into the future of live music and where the music industry is headed

Composing Music

Whether you are looking for a composer and/or an arranger or YOU are a composer and/or arranger who wants to have one of your pieces recorded? TLM can find you what you need and help bring your work to life!

Music Recording

Big blockbuster or small industry, TLM has the network to get you the very finest studio performers to efficiently and accurately record any style score.


If you are an up and coming performer, having a quality back up group can set you apart. Whether it's for your one-off club date or a tour, TLM will get you the people with the right look and sound.


Whether it's a backyard bash, corporate Christmas party, a funeral or your special day, TLM will find the perfect ensemble to put your event over the top!

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