If I only need one or two musicians, can I still contact TLM?

Yes! Please don't hesitate!

A beatiful horn
Why would I hire TLM over another music services business?

Passion, persistance and customer service consulting skills combined. Also due to TLM's creative portfolio.

Why do you have animal products on a music site?

To help educate and make other pet owners aware of healthier, pain free and more natural options to prolong there life.

Does the contractor work for the producers or the musicians?

The contractor works for the project.  TLM will collaborate with the producers to accommodate all requests if possible, but at the same time must act as an advocate for the musicians and provide fair working conditions.

If I use you for contracting, can I use someone else for payroll?

In some cases, that is necessary.  In others, we can act as your payroll.  This will vary depending on the type of event.

If I want to hire quality musicians but don't have the budget that the Union requires, can TLM still help me?

Absolutely!  The Union also has many different options pertaining to various groups and budgets.  In many cases, a Union job can be more affordable than one thinks.  I will work with you in finding the best fit for your budget.